Castle Smasher

Castle Smasher 2.11.1

Addictive arcade catapult game


  • Variety
  • Learning curve is good
  • Addictive


  • Basic graphics and sound


Castle Smasher is a simple, physics-based catapult game where you have to aim stones at castles to knock them down.

This 2D game is based around choosing an angle to launch your catapult, then gaging how much power you want. It's a simple mechanic, but you'll need to switch tactics to beat the huge number of levels in Castle Smasher.

While the cartoony graphics and basic sound don't give the best first impressions, after a couple of levels of Castle Smasher it gets really difficult to stop playing. Developer Donut Games has been creative with the types of projectile you get, like fire stones, and nice variety of enemies and bonus items. The difficulty ramps up nicely as you proceed, without ever getting too hardcore.

Castle Smasher takes a basic concept and keeps it interesting and addictive over a ton of varied levels.

Castle Smasher


Castle Smasher 2.11.1

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